Ángel ARRANZ [ES/NL, 1976] is a composer of instrumental and electronic music based in The Netherlands, focused on the development of interchangeable sound-based structures between instruments and electronics through spatialization. His music explores time as a constructional matter through mathematics, correlated spatiality in physical, structural, notational and DSP domains and organicism by means of the morphology of natural forms and fractal geometry. 


During his formation in Spain, he was a private student of Alberto Posadas. After earning with honors a Degree in Composition at High Conservatory of Music of Salamanca, from 2006 on he fixed his residency in The Netherlands, accomplishing with distinction in 2008 a Master in Sonology at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. He received lessons from Paul Berg [algorithmic composition], Kees Tazelaar [voltage control techniques and analog studio], Johan van Kreij [Max/MSP], Paul Jeukendrup [sound engineering] and Richard Barrett [advanced composition]. Since 2009 Ángel Arranz occupies the position of Research Associate at the Institute of Sonology of The Hague and PhD Candidate at the University of Salamanca dissertating, between both institutions, on new technology applied to instrumental composition and electronic music. From 2014 on, he concentrates his work on the promotion of new projects in The Netherlands creating, among others: callingHiggs project in collaboration with ESA (European Space Agency); De la luz y la materia (On Light and Matter), concerto for 8 saxophones, electronics, visuals and orchestra for the Nederlands Saxofoon Octet; new series of three instrumental pieces with electronics and visuals entitled Djet. Further projects: 2018, Bianco Attraverso Il Nero (Concerto for viola, electronics visuals and orchestra).


Ángel Arranz develops since 2006 an innovative non-harmonic compositional system denominated sinusoidal deconstruction, whose efficacy is comparable to the diverse worldwide classical systems. The system allows joining and combining various instrumental parts into an organic whole given a composition, whatever is the number and configuration of its parts. Subsequent Interdisciplinary investigations on the relationship between music and architecture have orientated him to create various series of compositions (‘DK <protos>’, DK <qumran>’, ‘[d]espacio’) inspired by/based on/worked within avant-garde buildings, designed by bureaus such as Richard Rogers Partnership and KonkritBlu Arquitectura. 


In 2012 his 8-channel work Extrusion was selected to represent the European Federation in China at the Musicacoustica Festival in Beijing. In 2013, the prestigious Musicadhoy dedicated a full portrait concert in Madrid. He realized two pieces to celebrate 1000 Years of the Foundation of Peñafiel [1013 – 2013]: Toposonia, a massive sound intervention that uses the whole urban layout of Peñafiel, and DK <protos> a series of three compositions inspired by the building Bodegas Protos.


His pieces have been performed in The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, South Korea, China and Spain. He has realized commissions among others for Ensemble Modelo 62, Smash Ensemble; Josetxo Silguero, Ralph-Raimund Krause, Raphaël Simon, José María Santadreu; Bodegas Protos, Bodegas Qumran; City Hall of Peñafiel and Orchestra of University of Valladolid; playing at venues and festival such as DNK - Smart Project Space, Incubate Tilburg; Symposium Music Spaces The Hague [NL]; Synthese Festival Guarda [PT]; Università degli Studi di Salerno [IT]; Fundación Phonos, Festival Sonar MACBA Barcelona, Festival AMEE de Valencia, Festival Synchresis – Valencia, Festival de Primavera USAL, Quincena Musical de San Sebastián, Festival SON – musicadhoy, Festival Peñafiel Milenio 2013, MUSAC León, Mostra Sonora de Sueca - Valencia, Fundación BBVA Madrid [ES]; Busan International Electronic Music Festival [KR], Musicacoustica Beijing [CHN].


As a performer of electronic music, he has assisted technically pieces by, among others, Alberto Posadas, Kees Tazelaar, Richard Barrett, Jan Boerman, Dick Raaijmakers, Gottfried Michael Koenig, Babis Giannakopoulos, Johan Van Kreij, Juan José Eslava, Carlos Satué, Josué Moreno, Germán Alonso, Raquel García Tomás, Nuria Giménez Comas, Teresa Carrasco, Abel Paul, Siamak Anvari…

He has collaborated as a journalist with several specialized magazines, such as Sonograma, Sul Ponticello and Espacio Sonoro. He regularly lectures on new music and contemporary creation. His complete oeuvre to date is edited by the house Donemus Publishing. Ángel has been invited to give lessons and masterclasses at Institute of Sonology The Hague, University of Salamanca, University of Valladolid, Conservatory of Utiel and Mostra Sonora Sueca – Valencia.


Ángel Arranz founds in 2009 The DK <projection>, an independent multi[inter]disciplinary collective conformed by international members, whose creative stimulus is the use of technology as a vehicle of musical and artistic transformation.




Babis Giannakopoulos

Composer | visual artist

"Derived from the communal idea from Ángel's works, it comes to my mind one of the paradoxes by Zenon of Elea. If we let a wheat sack fall down against the ground, that produces a sound. However, if only one of this same wheat grains does it alone, the sound produced by this is imperceptible. One is nothing; by multiplying this, you will have perception. You could say that sound has very different spaces for being, therefore sound is completely an illusion."


Hikari Kiyama


"Religious music"

Gustavo Carrancio

Biologist and philosopher | Wikimedia Spain

"Ángel empuja la definición de música al compás del avance de otras disciplinas. Hay muy pocas personas que tengan esa dificilísima sensibilidad, unir en la música casi todas las fuentes de placer estético que existen en la corteza somatosensorial."

Aitor Álvarez

Diario Vasco, Qumran at Quincena Musical

"La obra más impactante, la de Arranz, investiga la relación entre música, arquitectura y creación visual tomando como modelo abstracto el edificio de Bodegas Qumrán. Fue otro mundo, con electroacústica, saxo bajo y proyecciones"

Kees Tazelaar

Composer | Head of Institute of Sonology

"You do not need to be a geologist to understand the quality of the volcano, you can just spontaneously be impressed with something. I think this kind of music has that quality too."

Casper Schipper


"Everything is curved."

Juan Pablo Arias

Composer | sound artist | pianist | filmmaker

"Una vez más, alegra constatar que en el campo de la creación artística trans-individual, multimodal, colaborativa... hay vida más allá de amateurismos artístico-sonoros, pamplinas sociologistas y demás enredos tardomediáticos."



Jesús de la Villa

Professor at UAM | Director of the Sacred Arts Museum Peñafiel

"Y nuestro patrimonio musical, del que nuestro amigo Ángel es patrimonio vivo".