In order to celebrate the international Museum Day, The DK <projection> produced for Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León (MUSAC) a weekend program with own productions, [re]xperimenting MUSAC, based entirely on spatial music: an electronic music workshop with cellphones as introduction for the performance of callingHiggs, shared with all the participants. The second day we projected the music documentary Toposonia, which was followed by a colloquia with the audience.

Mostra Sonora de Sueca

The DK <projection> had the honor to coproduce the 10th Edition of Mostra Sonora de Sueca in Valencia, Spain. Fully consolidated as one of the most important festivals of electronic music, sound art and emerging artistic creation through new technologies in Spain, a very special program was prepared comprising five activities, among them a electronic music concert conformed by young Iranian authors pieces, one concert with historical milestones from the Institute of Sonology of The Hague and the performance of our piece for smartphones callingHiggs.




Festival Peñafiel Milenio

The DK <projection> produced the Festival Peñafiel Mllenio 2013, a musical event celebrating the millenium since the foundation of the village of Peñafiel in Spain. The festival was divided in two seasons (spring and autumn) and saw the participation of national and international performers. Some organizational highlights of this festival involved the coordination of more than 150 musicians across an entire village plus outdoor electronics (Toposonia) and the realization of a concert in a non-standard music venue, such as the industrial space of Bogegas Protos (DK <protos> series).

Festival SON

From 8th and 10th of March we produced the whole first weekend of Festival SON for musicadhoy at La Casa Encendida, Madrid. The DK <projection> organized four different setups: the concert portrait SON[ic] architectures and callingHiggs, a piece for smartphones and electronics. Also, Ángel curated two more events: MATERia, producing the pieces by Germán Alonoso, Raquel García Tomás, Josué Moreno, Nuria Giménez Comas, Abel Paúl y Teresa Carrasco and Missa Brevis, a sound installation by Josué Moreno in which we created an specific spatialization concept.

Sounds of the Clarinet

Sound of the Clarinet is a CD recording project carried on by the innovative clarinet player JM Santandreu, who has commissioned to us the coproduction of a part of it. Also, this project includes the recording of a clarinet solo version of DK <sin> by Ángel Arranz at the Institute of Sonology of The Hague [NL].



assisting Posadas' work

Last August 29th I had, for many reasons, the big honour of assisting a piece of my dear teacher, Alberto Posadas, Fúlgida niebla de sol blanquecino, for bass saxophone and six electronic pre-recorded parts. Doubtlessly, this demanding piece is one of the best written pieces of the universal repertoire for saxophone ever, probably one of the most interesting pieces for bass saxophone to date.


Together with the really skillful sound engineer Juanan Ros [left], our work was to co-produce, realize the sound setting and assist during the concert the electronic parts of Posadas's work. A truly pleasure and a meaningful gift of life.


DVD production on DK qumran

From Sep. to Nov. 2011 we have produced the recording of the series DK <qumran>, music composition by Ángel Arranz with videos by Beatriz del Saz. The series includes two instrumental pieces with electronics and a tape, all with video projections. It will take part of a musical DVD commissioned by Bodegas Qumrán [ES] to be included together with a documentary film of ca. 50 minutes.


assistance to Eslava's and Satué's works

Nov. 2011 we were invited at Festival Punto de Encuentro organized by AMEE at Valencia [ES]. We assisted the electronics of two fantastic composers's works played by Josetxo Silguero: Juan José Eslava's El Umbral de Una Línea III, and Carlos Satué's Laberinto de la Noche, both for various kind of saxophones and electronics.




assisting Rodríguez Posadas

Mid. November 2011 we were assisting to artist José Luis Rodríguez Posadas in the recording and production of the sounds that will conform the multidisciplinary installation Tallereando.






Smash Ensemble

During Nov. 2010 we have produced a non-commercial recording of the concert celebrated by Smash Ensemble at the Teatro Municipal of Guarda [PT]. The program included ensemble works by Riera, Torá, Hortigüela, Arranz y Lazcano.