multidisciplinary exhibition


Beatriz del Saz | video creation

José Luis Rodríguez Posadas | photography

Ángel Arranz | 4-channel sound installation



TALLEREANDO is an installation integrated by a photography exhibition and an audiovisual set. A/V is emitted through 4 flat screens hung in the walls.


TALLEREANDO unites photography, video creations and sound art. TALLEREANDO proposes a discourse through sound in its sensorial relationship with image within a double perspective static/dynamic. Images are integrated in the space around, which is not merely observed as an exhibition spaces, but rather as the conjuncture of several enfolding plans. Such a plans invite to the spectator/listener to establish an intimate relationship integrated within their physical exploration.


TALLEREANDO is a triple cyclical, multidisciplinary dialogue in which each one of its components tries to merge its discipline with the others in an extensive act of giving[self] out of its own universe: del Saz proposes a communication with pre-recorded sounds supporting her personal hermeneutic, whilst exploring dynamically the topography of textures and photographic material’s gamut’s from a temporal view-point; Rodríguez Posadas centers photography as the basic format of the exhibition, but also he generates by his own certain sounds of the digital soundtrack; Arranz realizes the sound register and the composition, but in turn reflects upon certain temporal strategies narrative-like to subsequent visualizations. 

You can follow Tallereando's creation process, evolution and agenda in our blog.

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